TiC and M23C6 carbides in Ti stabilized 18 Cr-8 Ni stainless steel

Figure 1: TiC and M23C6 carbides in Ti stabilized 18 Cr-8 Ni stainless steel, Mag. 16,000x.

Carbide name: TiC, M23C6
Record No.: 93
Carbide formula: TiC, M23C6
Carbide type: MC, M23C6
Carbide composition in weight %: No data
Image type: TEM
Steel name: Ti stabilized 18 Cr-8 Ni stainless steel
Mat.No. (Wr.Nr.) designation: No data
DIN designation: No data
AISI/SAE/ASTM designation: No data
Other designation: No data
Steel group: Stainless steels
Steel composition in weight %: 0.07% C, 0.56% Si, 1.60% Mn, 11.9% Ni, 17.3% Cr, 0.50% Ti.
Heat treatment/condition: 1200 C for 1 h/water quenched; 750 C for 500 h/fractured by impact at -196 C.
Note: Micrograph of the intergranular fracture, single-stage carbon replica with extraction of the carbides. The large particles are chromium carbides (M23C6), while the fine precipitates have been identified as titanium carbides (TiC). This has been confirmed by microprobe analysis of the extracted carbides. After reheating at 900 C, the intergranular precipitation consists only of TiC.
Links: No. 92 and No. 93.
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