Calculated Diagrams

0.06C-0.27Si-1.84Mn-0.02Mo Steel
0.10C-0.68Si-1.24Mn-1.87Cr Steel
0.13C-1.5Cr-1.55Ni Steel
0.22C-0.97Cr-0.33Ni Steel
0.22C-0.98Cr-0.23Mo Steel
0.24C-0.79Cr-0.18Ni Steel
0.25C-6.60Ni Weld Steel
0.25C-6.60Ni Weld Steel
0.38C-0.64Mn-0.23Si-0.99Cr Steel
0.3C-1Mn-4Cr-0.3V-1Mn Steel
0.40% C Carbon Steel
0.44C-1.04Cr-0.26Ni Steel
0.52C-1.09Cr-1.72Ni Steel
0.56% C Carbon Steel
0.56C-0.47Mn-0.35Si-0.10Mo-0.10Ni Steel
0.5Cr0.5Mo Steel
0.75C-1.63Si-1.95Mn-1.48Cr-0.28Mo Steel
1.25Cr0.5Mo Steel
1.2Mn-0.5C Steel
1.5% Si Steel
100A2 Steel
100B2 Steel
100C2 Steel
12Cr1MoV Steel
12CrMo Steel
13CrMo44 Steel
15CrMo Steel
16CMnR Steel
16MND5 Steel
18-8 Steel
18-8 Steel
1Cr0.5Mo Steel
1F Steel
1K Steel
1M Steel
1N Steel
2.25Cr-1Mo Steel
2.25Cr1Mo Steel
2.25Cr1Mo Steel
20g Steel
21/4Cr-1Mo Steel
2H 6D Steel
2H 7C Steel
2H-50 Steel
2H-Cr Steel
2H-Supper Steel
2H-Te Steel
2H-Ultra Steel
2HA Steel
2HB Steel
2HB Steel
2HB Steel
2M Steel
34Cr4 Steel
34Cr4 Steel
34Cr4 Steel
34Cr4 Steel
34Cr4 Steel
34CrMo4 Steel
34CrMo4 Steel
3M50 BS-1 Steel
3M50BC-1 Steel
3M50BN-1 Steel
3U Steel
4140 Steel
4140 Steel
42CrMo4 Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
5140 Steel
5140 Steel
5140 Steel
51CrV4 Steel
55Si7 Steel
5Cr0.5Mo Steel
6NA Steel
6NB Steel
6NC Steel
6ND Steel
6NE Steel
6NF Steel
6NG Steel
6Q Steel
718 Superalloy
718 Superalloy
7QA Steel
7QB Steel
7QC Steel
7QD Steel
80A2 Steel
80B2 Steel
80C2 Steel
8A Steel
8B Steel
9Ni Steel
A1-3 Steel
AISI 4140 Steel
AISI 5140 Steel
AISI T1 Steel
ASTMA302B Steel
Al killed Steel
Alloy 800
Alloy 800
Alloy 800
Alloy 800
B-3 Steel
BHT80 Steel
BHW35 Steel
C-0.08 Steel
C-0.15 Steel
C-0.3 Steel
C-0.38 Steel
C-0.53 Steel
C-0.94 Steel
C-1.37 Steel
C45 Steel
C45 Steel
CD3MN Steel
CD3MWCuN Steel
Calculated TTT Diagrams Steel
Calculated and Experimental Diagrams of C-Mn-Nb Steels
Corten Steel
Cr-0.5 Steel
Cr-1 Steel
Cr-2 Steel
Cr-4 Steel
Cu-3 Steel
DT Steel
Dual Phase Sheet Steel
Dual Phase Steel
E595 Steel
E599 Steel
E602 Steel
En 36 Steel
En 56 Steel
En36 Steel
En56 Steel
FH Steel
FL-4605 PM Steel
FL-4605 PM steel
FTW52A Steel
FTW52B Steel
FTW58 Steel
Fe-0.059C-1.96Si-2.88Mn Steel
Fe-0.22% C Steel
Fe-0.22% C Steel
Fe-0.22% C Steel
Fe-0.22% C-2% Mn Steel
Fe-C Alloys
Fe0.059C1.96Si2.88Mn Steel
Fe0.12C2.03Si2.96Mn Steel
Fe0.4C Steel
Four CCT Diagrams of Steels
HSLA-100 Steel
HSLA-100 Steel
HT60 Steel
HY80 7G Steel
HY80 7H Steel
HY80 K1 Steel
HY80 K2 Steel
HY80 K3 Steel
HY80 K4 Steel
HY80 M1 Steel
HY80 N1 Steel
HY80 N2 Steel
HY80 N3 Steel
HY80 N4 Steel
HY80 NA Steel
HY80 NB Steel
HY80 NE38 Steel
HY80 NER38 Steel
HY80 NS63 Steel
HY80 Y1 Steel
HY80 Y4 Steel
Her-Ten60 Steel
Hi-Chrome Work Rolls (Core)
Hi-Chrome Work Rolls (Shell)
Hi-Z Steel
High Stregth Bainitic Steel
J-1 Steel
J-2 Steel
J-3 Steel
J-4 Steel
J-6 Steel
K2H-U Steel
KO Steel
KQ (Hi-Z) Steel
KS Steel
KT Steel
LA13Ta Steel
Low Carbon Nb Bearing Steels
Mn and Ni alloys
Mn-0 Steel
Mn-1.0 Steel
Mn-2.0 Steel
Mo-0.5 Steel
Mo-1.0 Steel
Mo-1.6 Steel
N-TuF33 Steel
N-TuFCR130 Steel
N-TuFCR196 Steel
NA Steel
NB Steel
NC Steel
ND Steel
NE Steel
NF Steel
NK Steel
NK-HT 80 Steel
NM Steel
NRIM 431L Steel
NRIM 432M Steel
NRIM 55 Steel
NRIM A-3 Steel
NRIM B-3 Steel
NRIM37 Steel
NS 80 Steel
Nb-2 Steel
Nb-3 Steel
Ni-1.0 Steel
Ni-2.5 Steel
Ni-2.5 Steel
Ni-5 Steel
Ni-7 Steel
Ni-9 Steel
OK 74.70 Steel
OK 75.75 Steel
PA Steel
PB Steel
PC Steel
PD Steel
PMS 25 Steel
PMS 35 Steel
Q235B Steel
RS Steel
S-1 Steel
S-2 Steel
S-3 Steel
S-4 Steel
S-5 Steel
S-6 Steel
SA508 Steel
SAF 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel
SAF 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel
SM41 Steel
SM41(A) Steel
SM41(B) Steel
SM41A Steel
SM41B Steel
SM50A Steel
SM50B Steel
SM50Y Steel
SS Steel
SS55 Steel
Si-0 Steel
Si-0.2 Steel
Si-0.5 Steel
Si-1.0 Steel
Si-1.6 Steel
SiMn HT50 Steel
Strong Bainite Steel
T-1 Steel
T1 Steel
Ti-3 Steel
U-1 Steel
U-2 Steel
U-3 Steel
UH-1 Steel
UH-2 Steel
UH-3 Steel
UH-4 Steel
UH-5 Steel
UH-6 Steel
UIC60, 900A-type Rail Steel
V-3 Steel
WELL-TEN60 Steel
WELL-TEN62 Steel
WELL-TEN74(A) Steel
WELL-TEN74(B) Steel
WELL-TEN80(A) Steel
WELL-TEN80(B) Steel
WELL-TEN80C(A) Steel
WELL-TEN80C(B) Steel
WELL-TEN80S(41) Steel
WELL-TEN80S(43) Steel
WT-60 Steel
WT-80 Steel
WT-80 Steel
WT-80C Steel
Welten 80 Steel
Welten55C Steel
X60 Steel
X70 Steel
YA Steel
YB Steel
YC Steel
YD Steel
YE Steel
YF Steel
YG Steel
YND33 Steel

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