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Demonstration Version

The demonstration version is equivalent to the full version; the only difference being that in this version is limited numbers of records or diagrams..

       Readme file       
       Download Package       
   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11   
   445.8 Mb   
   Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" (or later)   
   445.8 Mb   
   Linux (Intel 32-bit)   
   445.8 Mb   
   Web Server (Intranet)   
   445.8 Mb   

Please see the following online demos:

CCT and TTT Diagrams of Alloys v.1.0 (30 diagrams)

CCT and TTT Diagrams of Steels v.5.0 (200 diagrams)

Hardenability Diagrams of Steels v.2.0 (100 diagrams)

Carbides in Steel v.2.0 (50 records)

Macro Defects in Steel v.1.0 (150 records)

Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steel v.2.0 (50 records)

Metal Etchants v.5.0 (172 recipes)

Semiconductor Etchants v.1.0 (200 recipes)

Tempering Diagrams of Steels v.2.0 (100 diagrams)

A product brochure including feature list, system requirements and price is available for download.

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