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CCT and TTT Diagrams of Steels Features

Database version: 5.00
Number of diagrams: 9,056
Number of CCT diagrams: 5,420
Number of TTA diagarns: 54
Number of TTE diagarns: 31
Number of TTP diagrams: 167
Number of TTS diagrams: 99
Number of TTT diagrams: 3,221
Keyword searching

AFNOR steel index: 286
AISI/SAE steel index: 1,351
Alloyed steels: 1,432
BS steel index: 458
Calculated diagrams: 179
Carbon steels: 556
Carburizing steels: 57
Cast irons: 278
Chromium steels: 106
Cold work tool steels: 477
DIN steel index: 2,537
Embrittlement diagrams: 31
High speed steels: 187
Hot work tool steels: 354
Low carbon steels: 176
Microalloyed steels: 123
Molybdenum steels: 594
Nitriding steels: 73
Plastic mould steels: 185
PM (Powder Metallurgy) steels: 40
Precipitation diagrams: 167
Rail steels: 57
Stainless steels: 528
Structural steels: 2,174
Tools steels: 1,599
Vanadium steels: 287
Welding steels: 674
Cast irons: 277
Wr.Nr. (Mat.No.) steel index: 3,171

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