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(Cr,Fe)7C3, Fe3C and Fe23(C,B)6 carbides in white cast irons.
Carbides in 0.57C-1.96Si-0.16Mn-1.02Cr steel.
Carbides in 1.0C-10.0Cr-90.25V steel, quenched from 980 C/air.
Carbides in 1.2080 steel.
Carbides in 1.2379 steel, quenched from 1080 C/air.
Carbides in 1.2379 steel, quenched from 1120 C/oil.
Carbides in 1.3255 steel, quenched from 1240 C/oil and tempered at 560 C.
Carbides in DC01EK and DC04EK low carbon steels.
Carbides in steel 1.2747.
Carbides in steel 1.48C-4.60Cr-5.36V-5.10Co-3.05Mo.
Carbides in the laser hardened PM tool steel Vanadis 6.
Carbides cracking during plane grinding.
Carbides in 1.2379 and UNIVERSAL steels (Acoustic Emission Test).
Carbides in NCWV/D3 steel.
Carbides in Vanadis PM steel.
Carbides in cold work tool steel.
Carbides in hot work tool steel.
Carbides in spray-formed AISI M3:2 high-speed steel.
Carbides in the S 390 PM and S 690 PM steels I.
Carbides in the S 390 PM and S 690 PM steels II.
Carbides in the S 390 PM and S 690 PM steels III.
Carbides in tool steels with high chromium content.
Cementite in 9310 alloy steel.
Cementite in eutectoid steel.
Cementite particles in AISI 1045 steel.
Chromium carbides in 3% chromium steel for rolls.
Cr and Mo concentration profiles in 1.2344 steel.
Cr7C3 and Cr3C2 carbides in the chromium carbide coated on AISI D2 steel.
Cr7C3 and NbC carbides in 2.50C-3.30Si-6.20Cr-1.42Ni-2.20Mo-2.60V-0.98W steel.
Cr23C6 and Cr7C3 carbides in heat resistant steel.
Fe3C, VC, M7C3 and M23C6 carbides in heat resistant 12Kh1MF steel.
Grain boundary carbide networks in 420 stainless steel.
Hardness of various carbide types in HiCr cast steel rolss.
Hardness of carbides in tool steels and of other hard substances.
Kappa carbides in Fe-(4 6)Mn-(6 8)Al-0.3C steel.
M23(C,B)6 carbides in microalloyed constructional steel.
M23C6 carbides in 18Cr–12Ni steel.
M23C6 carbides in Fe-12Cr-0.2C.
M23C6 carbides in austenitic stainless steel.
M23C6, M6C and MC carbides in AISI H13 steel.
M3C, M7C3 and M4C3 carbides in X40CrMoV5-1 steel.
M7C3 and M3C carbides in Fe-1C-4.4Cr-l.6V alloy.
MC and M23C6 carbides in Armour steel.
MC and M7C3 carbides in Vanadis 6 steel.
MC, M7C3 carbides in ROLTEC,TOUGHTEC, WEARTEC, AISI A2, D2 and D6 steels.
Mat.No. 1.2552, DIN 80WCrV8 steel - Electrolytic extraction of carbides.
Mat.No. 1.2747, DIN X210Cr12, AISI D3 steel - Electrolytic extraction of carbides.
NbC carbides in 1.4561 steel - Quenched in water.
Nickel Alloy II - Electrolytic extraction of carbides.
Precipation of Vanadium Carbides in steel.

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