ASM Micrograph Center Online
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Chemical References
DNA, DNA-Protein Complexes and Virus, compiled by Ross Inman, University of Wisconsin
DNA, DNA-Protein Complexes and Virus
Electron Micrographs of Animal Viruses
Electron Micrographs of Plant Viruses
Electron Microscopy Gallery
Fundamental physical constants - From the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gallery at the EM Facility at USU
IBM Scanning Tunneling Microscope Image Gallery
Mineralogy Database (more than 4300)
Metallographic Expert Database
Periodic Table of Elements
Plant Viruses, Integrated Microscopy Resource, University of Wisconsin
Nanoworld Image Gallery
Nikon Microscopy Knowledge Database
STM Images
Viral Electron Micrographs & Macromolecular Images
Virus World

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