Download-Image Libraries
Algal Microscopy & Image Digitization
Art in Laboratory - Biomodernism: Virus and medical studies - Art images of viruses and other medically related subjects
Auditory Science Laboratory - SEM images of the anatomy of the human ear
Bristol Biomedical Image Archive
Bio-Imaging Center/Electron Microscopy, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY
The Biosciences Imaging Group - Confocal images from the laboratory of Dr. John Chad
Bone Marrow Cytology Images
Characterization Facility Image Gallery - Center for Interfacial Engineering, University of Minnesota
Collection of Microscopy Icons - Icons targeting microscopy, HREM and Surface Structure Facility, Northwestern University
Colorado State University Images - Images of insects and their relatives
Computer Vision Home Page - Central location for WWW links relating to computer vision research
Coralline Algae
Cornell Integrated Microscopy Center Image Gallery - TEM, SEM, and LM
CSC Visualization Group - Visualizations and animations done at CSC
Dennis Kunkel's Image Gallery - Nice gallery of LM and EM images
Entomology Images
Electron Micrograph Library - Images from the Institute for Molecular Virology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Nanometer Pattern Generation System - E-Beam Lithography images from NPGS
Flybrain Front Page
Flowerbase Image Database
Gallery of Images
Heuser Lab Image Gallery - Gallery of LM video images and EM images made using the "Deep-Etch" technique
Higher Ed Images from IKE and IBM
Histopathology images
House Ear Institute, Advanced Electron Microscopy and Imaging Center (AEMI) - EM images produced in the facility
Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
Image Galleries - Cosmic Light
IBM Optical Microscope Views Images Approaching the Atomic Level
Image Archives of MAS - Images and electron diffraction patterns
Image Gallery
Image Tool - Software
Images of the Drosophila Nervous System
Imaging Research Inc.
Imaging Facility at University of Aberdeen
ImgLab software - To organize digital images (Lawrence Berkeley lab)
MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery
Microbiology Video Library
Light Microscopy Gallery
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope - One of the Web's largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope
MicroAngela's Image Gallery - Very nice gallery of computer colorized images
MicroScapes Gallery - vVery nice gallery of images from scientists and researchers of Lucent Bell Laboratories
Myxozoa Images
MyPACS Teaching Files
National University of Singapore Histonet
Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
The Online Macromolecular Museum (OMM)
Parasite Images at Queensland University of Technology
Pathology Images from WebPath
Pathology slides
Picture SEM Library - Iowa State University
PAXcam - Image Library
Pilot European Image Processing Archive
Plant Virus Digitized Electron Micrographs
Plant Viruses Online - Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database
Pollen Images
Princeton University Dep't of Molecular Biology Confocal & Electron Microscopy Core Facility Laboratory - Brightfield, confocal, and SEM image galleries
Professor Bovin's Science Photo Gallery - TEM, SEM, LM images
Prosobranchia gastropod images
Protist images, University of Montreal
Pest and Disease Gallery
Photos of Parasites
Plant Image Gallery
Protist Image Data
Questioned Document Examination Page of Emily J. Will
SEM Gallery
Scanning Probe Microscopy Images from NT-MDT - Molecular devices and tools for Nanotechnology
STM Gallery
STM Image Gallery
The Ant: A Morphological Tour of the Super Organism - SEM images and text about the Fire Ant
The Nanoworld Image Gallery
The Urbana Atlas of Pathology - Human pathology images (LM)
Ugly Bug Contest - Flagstaff Festival of Science
University of Alberta Electron Microscope Facility Images
University of Minnisota Images
UWBL - Images
Virus World
Vascular Plants Image Gallery
Vital Images - CT & NMR medical images
Woody's SEM Images

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