Microscopy Education (K-12)
Project MICRO - Microscopy In Curriculum - Research Outreach
New England Society of Microscopy has three Project MICRO kits
Ugly Bug Contest From the Oklahoma Microscopy Society
Electron Microscope Lab Tours
Pictures of your sample
Remote Microscopy to Your Classroom
Project ExCEL, Iowa State University
Outreach project of the Imaging Technology Group
Cyber STEM for Schools
Submit sample, World of Scanning Electron Microscopy
In the Classroom
Ask Mike Roscope
Scope-On-A-Rope, low cost equipment
Fun Science Gallery, building a microscope
Great Explorations in Math and Science
Patterns in Nature
www.microscopy-uk.org-uk and Micscape
Wonderwise Science Kits
Microscope Labs
MicroScape, virtual microscope
Museum of Science, Boston, SEM
World of Scanning Electron Microscopy
Microscapes Primer
An Introduction to Microscopy
Virtual Cell, University of Illinois
Microbe Zoo
Micromachines the MEMS Initiative
Children's Books on Microscopy
Videos and CDROMS, MSA
Algae Images Bowling Green State University
Monthly Microscopy Explorations from the Minnesota Microscopy Society
Cells Alive from Quill Graphics
Bugscope Database
Cynobacteria Image Gallery from Cyanosite
C elegans from the Ambros Lab, Dartmouth
Images of Nature, Arizona State University
NanoTheatre from Veeco
Buying Microscopes, ProjectMicro, Microscopy Society of America
Choosing and buying a microscope
How to buy the Right Microscope

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