Image Analysis

Lispix - Is an image analysis program for the Windows and Macintosh platforms.
Java version of NIH-Image.
OsiriX - Is an image processing software dedicated to DICOM images.
netScope - Microscope image analysis software.
NIH Image - Is a public domain image processing and analysis program for the Macintosh.
ImageTool - Is a free image processing and analysis program for Windows 95/NT from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.
OSIRIS - Is a free medical image display and analysis package from the University Hospital of Geneva. It is available for Macintosh, UNIX and Windows.
Scion Image - A version of NIH Image for Windows and Mac.


Desktop Spectrum Analyzer (DTSA) - Is an X-ray data analysis program for the Macintosh platform only.
CITZAF GUI - Is a simple, user-friendly program for performing x-ray microanalysis corrections for Windows platforms.
EPMA Database at Kaker.Com.
Microanalysis Programs for the PC.
Microanalysis Subprograms - Written in Basic.
TRYZAF - By John Armstrong for Windows and DOS.
Xphi - Is a PhiRhoZ correction program.
CITZAF Version 3.03 - Combined ZAF and Phi-Rho-Z Electron Probe Correction Programs, PC. Author: John T. Armstrong.
CITZAF Version 3.03 - Combined ZAF and Phi-Rho-Z Electron Probe Correction Programs, Mac. Author: John T. Armstrong.
MINFORM - Microprobe Data Conversion and Reduction. Author: Julie M. Paque.
PRSUPR v. 6.84 - X-RAY, WDS, Microprobe, XEDS program.
XEDS - Different microanalysis programs.
Image and Microanalysis Software - Microscopy & Microanalysis FTP Site and access Software/Image Libraries.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Programs - Developed at NIST.
The Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter
MC_Demo - Monte Carlo Modeling for Win98 - The program MC_Demo is a group of simulations illustrating the principles of the Monte Carlo modeling of electron-solid interactions. Author: D.C. Joy.
D. C. Joy's Windows Monte Carlo Programs - The programs inlcuded in self-extracting file are: SS_MC - a single scttering simulation for thin or bulk samples with trajectory plotting. PS_MC - a plural scattering simulation for bulk samples with trajectory plotting. AEMMC - uses SS_MC to investigate X-ray production in thin films. PHIROZ - uses PS_MC to determine and plot depth variation of X-ray production. SE_MC - computes and plots scattering for thin film on a bulk substrate. EBIC_MC - current the current gain for an Au on Si Schottkey diode.
Joy's Mac Monte Carlo Programs
A Data Base on Electron-Solid Interactions - By David C. Joy
Wilson's Mac Monte Carlo Programs - The programs are used to calculate the x-rays generated from a progressive scan of points across multiple interfaces.
Cormonte PC Monte Carlo Program - The NIST Monte Carlo simulation routines. The program runs on a PC or compatible computers under DOS.
Radzimski's Mac Monte Carlo Program - This program is futher development of the program written by J. C. Russ (1990).
Casino Monte Carlo Program - Program Casino version 2.42 runs under Windows and allows calculation of backscattered electrons and X-Ray signal under multi-layers samples, grain boundary, spherical inclusion and step edge.
Monte Carlo Program in Basic - Plural scattering MC program in TurboBasic for bulk samples. Program runs under DOS and Hercules, EGA and VGA graphic card and is compatible with QuickBasic, Visual Basic for DOS and Windows.

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