Commercial Laboratories
Accurel Systems International - Analytical services to users and manufacturers of semiconductors, FIB, Failure Analysis, TEM, FSEM
Advanced Imaging and Analysis - Light microscopy, digital microphotography, image analysis
Advanced Materials Engineering Research, Inc. - TEM SEM FIB
Alliance Technologies, LLC - SEM, Polarized light, optical microscopy, FTIR microspectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, Raman
Analytical Facility, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego
Analytical Microscope Services - SPM
Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc. - XPS (ESCA), Auger, SEM, microscopy, profilometry, metallography, thermal analysis, mass spectroscopy
Aston Metallurgical Services Co., Inc. - SEM/EDS, Optical Microscopy, Metallurgical Testing/Consulting/Failure Analysis, Chemical Testing
Braun Intertec Corporation
Cannon Microprobe - Electron microprobe, X-Ray micro-analysis, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, sample prep.
Cellvis - Biomedical service company for high resolution multiphoton fluorescence microscopy
Chemir Analytical Services - SEM, optical microscopy, micro FT-IR
Clayton Group Services, Inc. - Asbestos, fibers, and materials characterizations. PCM, PLM, TEM and SEM, AIHA- and NVLAP-accredited
Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. (CTL) - X-ray diffraction and analysis, electron microscopy, XRF, litgation support, forensic investigations
CSMA - Surface analysis using D-SIMS, ToF-SIMS, XPS, optical microscopy and SEM/EDX
Dannalab - X-Ray diffraction analysis
Delta Analytical Instruments, Inc.
E-Lab - Environmental testing lab
Edison Analytical Laboratories, Inc. - LM (BF,DF,POL,DIC, Fluorescence), UV-VIS microspectroscopy, acoustic, X-ray radiog., XRF, SEM
El-Sol Technologies Ltd. - Auger electron spectroscopy, SEM-EDS, SIMS
EMSL Analytical - The World's Largest Asbestos Testing Laboratory, Operating 25 Electron Microscopes" Asbestos, lead, environmental testing. Operating 25 Electron Microscopes
Engel Metallurgical
Evans Analytical Group - Full service analytical services laboratory, including: semiconductor, disk, medical & bio.
Forest Research - Electron and confocal microscopy of wood and plant materials
G&T Metallurgical Services Ltd. - Mineralogical microscopy , laboratories, consultants and training
Geller MicroAnalytical Laboratory - Magnification reference, elemental, compound, alloy, glass& mineral standards
Gideon Analytical Labs - SEM, SIMS, TEM, Optical microscp[py, Auger, ESCA, acoustic microscopy, chemical and failure analysis.
H&M Analytical Services - X-ray diffraction and analysis, electron microscopy, litgation support
HistoTechNologies, Inc. - Paraffin process tissue specimens for light microscopy
IBM Analytical Services
Innovatech Labs, LLC - Auger, ESCA, SEM-EDX, light microscopy, micro FTIR
Insight Analytical Labs, Inc. - Failure Analysis, SAM, SEM/EDS, RIE, Parallel Lapping, Probing, Sample Prep, Electromigration
M.E. Taylor Engineering, Inc - SEM and light microscopy laboratory services
MAS - SEM, TEM, Asbestos, FIB
Matco Associates, Inc - Scanning and transmission electron microscopy, light microscopy, AFM, metallurgy
Material Testing Laboratory - Scanning electron microscopy, GLP & GMP compliant
Materials and Chemistry Laboratory, Inc - Scanning electron microscopy, transmission, XRF, XRD lab
Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc. - EM, LM, Met. lab
Materials Research Laboratories, Inc. - SEM, TEM, EDS, AES, XPS, ISS, FTIR, RGA, XRD, Raman microspectroscopy
Materials Testing & Inspection - Environmental and materials testing
McCrone Associates, Inc. - Light and electron microscopy, surface analysis, infrared and Raman microspectroscopy
Medallion Labs - Analytical testing laboratory serving the food industry
MEFAS Inc. - Integrated circuit and micro electronics components characterization
SEM - EDS Laboratory, Metal Ravne, Slovenia - SEM, EDS, Fractography, light microscopy
Metallurgical Engineering Services - SEM, EDX, Auger, FTIR, light microscopy laboratory services
Metallurgical Technologies, Inc - SEM/EDX, metallurgical
MicroVision Labs, Inc - SEM/EDS, FIB, FTIR, LM (BF, DF, PLM, DIC), polished x-sect preps and IC Decapsulation service
SEMTech Solutions - FE-SEM analytical services
Micro-Scan Services, Inc. - FTIR-microspectroscopy, thermal desorption-GCMS, pyrolysis, thermal analysis.
Microbeam Technoloigies Inc. - SEM, light microscopy. metallurgical
MicroMaterials Research - Scanning electron and light microscopy, x-ray and infrared microanalysis, infrared microscpectrometry
Microscopy Laboratories - Histology, EM and related services, used histology, EM and lab equipment
Microspec Analytical - Specializes in contamination analysis and small particle identification
Microtechnics, Inc. - Imaging services and software for microscopy
Mineral Optics Laboratory - Petrographic polished thin sections, rock, ceramic, cement
Molecular Histology Inc. - In situ hybridization, Immunohistochemistry, Tissue microarrays, Cell cycle analysis
MuAnalysis - TEM, FIB, SEM, Raman, FTIR, EMMI, CLSM, Acoustic Microscopy
MVA Scientific Consultants Inc. - Is dedicated to the solution of problems using electron and light microscopy and white light interferometry. Expertise in materials characterization, environmental analysis, trace evidence analysis, and surface metrology.
National Technical Systems - Analytical services including NDI/NDE, SEM/EDS, Microfocus X-ray, Acoustic micro-imaging, and more
Nextek Inc. - Elemental analysis, various types of imaging, mechanical and thermal testing
Northwest Surface Lab - Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), scanning auger (SAM), electron spectroscopy, ESCA, XPS
NSL Analytical Services Inc. - NSL Analytical is a commercial materials testing lab providing services to commercial, industrial an
ORS Oneida Research Services - SEM, Auger, FTIR, SEM with EDX for Materials and Component Analysis
Particle Technology Labs
Rap.ID Particle Systems - Particle analysis identification service and instruments
RBD Surface Analysis Lab - Scanning Auger (AES) and XPS/ESCA surface analysis
RHM Technology Ltd - Microscopy services for the food industry
RJ Lee Group, Inc.
SEAL Laboratories - SEM, ESCA and Auger surface analysis, failure analysis
SEM Lab, Inc. - Failure analysis, material characterization, and scanning electron microscopy
Solectron Technical Centre - SEM, Auger, FIB, EDX, radiography, polymer, spectroscopy, gas, metallurgy, stress, environmental
Spectra-Probe, Inc. - FTIR IR-Plan
Structure Probe Inc. - SEM, EDS, TEM, LM and ultramicrotomy serices analytical services, laboratory accreditation by A2LA
TEM Analysis - TEM analysis services for the semiconductor industry
Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd. - Micro hardness indenter for the SEM
Tousimis Research Corporation - SEM, TEM, EMPA, Critical point drying, sputtering, high vacuum evaporation
UEC Labs - Industrial hygiene, envrionmental, analytical chemistry
Western Analytical Laboratory - Asbestos testing laboratory

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