Microscopy Vendors
EBSD (Electron Back Scattering Diffraction) Bibliography at Edax company
Metallographic Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation Artifacts
Electron Microscopy Hints and Tips by Steve Chapman
Jeol and Nikon NeoScope Benchtop SEM
Hitachi Tabletop Microscope TM-1000 SEM
Scientific Stock Photography Library by Dennis Kunkel Microscopy
Atomic Level Microscopes
Project Micro
Nikon's Small World
Olympus Microscopy Resource Center
The Scanning Confocal Electron Microscope by Nestor J. Zaluzec
Microcalorimeter X-Ray Detectors With X-Ray Lens
Structure Determination Through Z-Contrast Microscopy by S. J. Pennycook

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All-in-One Steel Data
Carbides in Steel
CCT and TTT Diagrams of Non-Ferrous Alloys
CCT and TTT Diagrams of Steels
Hardenability Diagrams of Steels
Macro Defects in Steel
Metal Etchants
Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steel
Semiconductors Etchants
Tempering Diagrams of Steels

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